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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Whats the bump doing?

A book I received as a gift used to scare the jam outta me. Always talking about the 'what if's...' but now I am enjoying it. It shows me whats going on, whats normal - when to call the doctor and when to take a deep breath and tell myself I am being a hypocondriact (whatever the spelling - lol)

Its called - 'Your Pregnancy week by week.' by Dr. Glade B. Curtis

Totally the best book for us mommy-to-be scaredy-cat types.

What I learned today... My baby bump has started growing tiny fingernails and toenails and can now kick and swallow — pretty impressive for a bump the size of a walnut. Within the next few weeks, my featherweight baby will more than double in size, from just over an inch to nearly 3 inches. At my next prenatal appointment, I should be able to hear bump's heart beating with a stethoscope-like instrument called a Doppler.

Isn't a doppler a weather radar system??

Check this out. I found a pic online.

With the following caption...
At three months of pregnancy, your baby is about 2 inches long. His fingers and toes have separated and he has begun swallowing and kicking. The basic structures of all his organs are in place and beginning to function.

As soon as I borrow the camera from Daddy I will post a pic of me at 3 months - me and my baby bump that is....

Everything I read tells me I can feel the baby in my uterus by touching just above my pelvic bone to one side or the other - should feel like a little golf-ball.

Guess what.

I can feel it - weird and way cool at the same time.

Gotta run - blog-in-a-bit...


Legal mumbo jumbo to cover my butt : The image came from 'The BabyCenter' web site - and parts of their pregancy calendar email series were also used in this post. Thats where I learned it... thats where I quoted it from. No attempt to steal or breach their copyright in any way.


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