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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So excited I could puke!!!!

Hello everyone Tiffi and baby bump here,

I am so excited!!! My loving sexy boyfriend and I just finished my application process to enroll me in college.....YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Holy crap, just trying to figure out the tangled mess that is their web site! Then after I finally found the right LINK - I had to remember things like username and password... dont they know I am pregant ("What did I have for lunch yesterday?") - Actually your memory gets better when your pregnant or so 'they' say. I wouldnt have remembered that at any point - lol...

So... yeah, finally getting my ass into the life arena and today its college vs - me and the odds are in my favour.

Now all that stands in my way is an $85 fee.

Gonna make some calls see if we can get a quicky 8 day loan from a friends credit card (gotta pay it online) - The really shitty thing is... if I am not accepted, I dont get that money back....

Application Fee - why don't they just call it what it is - Cash-Grab.

I think I can feel my ass growing. No kidding! I know ya think I am fullashit, but every once in a while I get these shooting pains in some strange places! My hips, my butt cheeks, not to mention these pregancy titties! Although, I could get used to lovin' these!!

The pros and cons of my situation are in a constant state of flux... to put it mildly. Happy about the new 'bod' and scared to death about everything else.

I just remembered. Courtney made a good point last night - 'Its not the head I should be worried about it's the SHOULDERS.

I am trying to convince myself my baby bump will jump out swiftly and wiggly - with little (or any (lol)) resistance. Shhh.... some self-deception is acceptable - nay, expected!

Laundry day... frig!

Dads is on his way. Time to get some laundry done. Doing it out at his place saves a tonne of cash, but it also gives me time with Daddy, I miss him! He works all the time and I dont get a lot of time with him. That reminds me we have a dinner date tonite - Montana's. Can't wait!

Gotta run, blog ya later...


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