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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gifts from Gran

Hello, Tiffy and Baby Bump here...

What a surprise - the boyfriend got back from work today and checked the mail - what do you know, some gifts for baby!

Yes, of course there were gifts for me too!!

Mummy sent us...

Something for the bump to wear - well not the bump but the baby...

I was so exicted about these tiny little clothes - until I held up the little hat and realized.....

"Holy Shit!" I have to pass something that big outta of my little cha cha?!!! Then the real fear hit me!

While stuffing the cute little pajamas with the tissue paper they came wrapped in.... Like a smack in the ass - it hit me!~ I have to pass a BABY!!!!

After wiping the makeup that had smeared across my face - (mysteriously hysteria and tears causes it to run...) I kept opening the UK - baby gift package.

When I found the yummy chocolate - all my tears were finished - it was time to EAT!!! ;)

Then my sweet boyfriend comes prancing in the room with - yes, another package straight from the UK - more gifts, these ones from my sister!

What a sweet man... not only do I get surprises from my mummy and my sister - he makes them all that more special by making them each a new surprise.

All in all - I got some sexy lingerie... some baby clothes and yummy sweeties!

Thanks mummy, and make sure you tell Samantha how much I appreciate the cards and that Daniel is flattered to be considered a 'woman'. lol

The underwear are sexy and they fit my ever-growing fat-little ass! I have whined to get bigger tits and a booty-ass, butt this is ridiculous! lol

Talk soon - I'm off to cook my man some dinner - considering today is our 4th anniversary and he has to work in a couple hours.


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