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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Whats the bump doing?

A book I received as a gift used to scare the jam outta me. Always talking about the 'what if's...' but now I am enjoying it. It shows me whats going on, whats normal - when to call the doctor and when to take a deep breath and tell myself I am being a hypocondriact (whatever the spelling - lol)

Its called - 'Your Pregnancy week by week.' by Dr. Glade B. Curtis

Totally the best book for us mommy-to-be scaredy-cat types.

What I learned today... My baby bump has started growing tiny fingernails and toenails and can now kick and swallow — pretty impressive for a bump the size of a walnut. Within the next few weeks, my featherweight baby will more than double in size, from just over an inch to nearly 3 inches. At my next prenatal appointment, I should be able to hear bump's heart beating with a stethoscope-like instrument called a Doppler.

Isn't a doppler a weather radar system??

Check this out. I found a pic online.

With the following caption...
At three months of pregnancy, your baby is about 2 inches long. His fingers and toes have separated and he has begun swallowing and kicking. The basic structures of all his organs are in place and beginning to function.

As soon as I borrow the camera from Daddy I will post a pic of me at 3 months - me and my baby bump that is....

Everything I read tells me I can feel the baby in my uterus by touching just above my pelvic bone to one side or the other - should feel like a little golf-ball.

Guess what.

I can feel it - weird and way cool at the same time.

Gotta run - blog-in-a-bit...


Legal mumbo jumbo to cover my butt : The image came from 'The BabyCenter' web site - and parts of their pregancy calendar email series were also used in this post. Thats where I learned it... thats where I quoted it from. No attempt to steal or breach their copyright in any way.

So excited I could puke!!!!

Hello everyone Tiffi and baby bump here,

I am so excited!!! My loving sexy boyfriend and I just finished my application process to enroll me in college.....YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Holy crap, just trying to figure out the tangled mess that is their web site! Then after I finally found the right LINK - I had to remember things like username and password... dont they know I am pregant ("What did I have for lunch yesterday?") - Actually your memory gets better when your pregnant or so 'they' say. I wouldnt have remembered that at any point - lol...

So... yeah, finally getting my ass into the life arena and today its college vs - me and the odds are in my favour.

Now all that stands in my way is an $85 fee.

Gonna make some calls see if we can get a quicky 8 day loan from a friends credit card (gotta pay it online) - The really shitty thing is... if I am not accepted, I dont get that money back....

Application Fee - why don't they just call it what it is - Cash-Grab.

I think I can feel my ass growing. No kidding! I know ya think I am fullashit, but every once in a while I get these shooting pains in some strange places! My hips, my butt cheeks, not to mention these pregancy titties! Although, I could get used to lovin' these!!

The pros and cons of my situation are in a constant state of flux... to put it mildly. Happy about the new 'bod' and scared to death about everything else.

I just remembered. Courtney made a good point last night - 'Its not the head I should be worried about it's the SHOULDERS.

I am trying to convince myself my baby bump will jump out swiftly and wiggly - with little (or any (lol)) resistance. Shhh.... some self-deception is acceptable - nay, expected!

Laundry day... frig!

Dads is on his way. Time to get some laundry done. Doing it out at his place saves a tonne of cash, but it also gives me time with Daddy, I miss him! He works all the time and I dont get a lot of time with him. That reminds me we have a dinner date tonite - Montana's. Can't wait!

Gotta run, blog ya later...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

A special card from Sam :o)

A tiny little card from my sister - too many miles away in Gosport, UK.

You couldn't wipe the smile from my face, or the tears from my eyes as I read...

Sister... There are often quiet moments when I find that I recall the happy times I've spent with the best sister of them all.

I think back to our childhood and all the happiness we'd share when we'd spend our days without in the world a care.

Sometimes we would argue without giving it a thought, but dear sister you were always there when in troubles I was caught.

You are not only just my sister but a friend who is always there. And I treasure every moment of the times that we will share.

Wow.... thank you Sam... what a sweet little note! I feel the same way - you were always there when troubles found me (or is it I found trouble..... lol)


I look forward to a sister's guidance as I become a mother! I will probably need your years of experience to help me through.

Love you!


Gifts from Gran

Hello, Tiffy and Baby Bump here...

What a surprise - the boyfriend got back from work today and checked the mail - what do you know, some gifts for baby!

Yes, of course there were gifts for me too!!

Mummy sent us...

Something for the bump to wear - well not the bump but the baby...

I was so exicted about these tiny little clothes - until I held up the little hat and realized.....

"Holy Shit!" I have to pass something that big outta of my little cha cha?!!! Then the real fear hit me!

While stuffing the cute little pajamas with the tissue paper they came wrapped in.... Like a smack in the ass - it hit me!~ I have to pass a BABY!!!!

After wiping the makeup that had smeared across my face - (mysteriously hysteria and tears causes it to run...) I kept opening the UK - baby gift package.

When I found the yummy chocolate - all my tears were finished - it was time to EAT!!! ;)

Then my sweet boyfriend comes prancing in the room with - yes, another package straight from the UK - more gifts, these ones from my sister!

What a sweet man... not only do I get surprises from my mummy and my sister - he makes them all that more special by making them each a new surprise.

All in all - I got some sexy lingerie... some baby clothes and yummy sweeties!

Thanks mummy, and make sure you tell Samantha how much I appreciate the cards and that Daniel is flattered to be considered a 'woman'. lol

The underwear are sexy and they fit my ever-growing fat-little ass! I have whined to get bigger tits and a booty-ass, butt this is ridiculous! lol

Talk soon - I'm off to cook my man some dinner - considering today is our 4th anniversary and he has to work in a couple hours.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Welcome to my pregnancy blog.

Hey all.

Just throwing out my 2cents worth on the world wide web - hoping to meet those that are sharing the journey or been there before.

Pipe up... let me know you are here - the more we interact the more we grow!

I'll bet you have some advice... maybe some comments - I sure would appreciate them - besides this is the beginning of a human life - my baby bump... will soon begin the journey, come share it with us.

Please visit my profile to learn more about who I am and why I am writing my pregancy journal for the world to read. Why I am anticipating your interaction and getting to know all of those visitors who choose to say hello.

Today is the beginning of my 2nd trimester - my first pregancy. Today I am scared and irritable. lol.